Beatson Advanced Imaging Resource (BAIR)

Beatson Advanced Imaging Resource scientists work closely with researchers to uncover and interrogate important molecular pathways in cancer. We train scientists in all stages of modern microscopical research from advice on experimental design and sample preparation, basic and advanced microscope operation and data acquisition through to quantitative image analysis and interpretation.


Imaging Platforms

Keywords - Light Microscopy: Superresolution Microscopy | Laser Microdissection | Live cell imaging | TCSPC-FLIM | Frequency-domain FLIM | Confocal Microscopy | Widefield Microscopy | TIRF | Multi-photon microscopy

Sample Preparation

Keywords - Biological: Immunofluorescence | Vibrating microtome | Photoconversion | Cryostat sectioning | Live cell

Data Analysis

Keywords - Software: ImageJ | FLIMfit | ImSpectorPro | Fiji | Volocity | Metamorph

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