Bristol University Wolfson Bioimaging Facility

The Wolfson Bioimaging Facility provides microscopy support for researchers across Bristol University and beyond. An extensive range of advanced fluorescence imaging systems (including confocal, wide-field, multiphoton, super-resolution, TIRF and FLIM) are positioned alongside high specification electron microscopes (TEM and SEM) to provide exceptional opportunities for microscopy applications. The fully integrated nature of the facility allows us to combine both modalities in one experiment app


Imaging Platforms

Keywords - Light Microscopy: Cryo-fluorescence | Confocal microscopy | Superresolution microscopy | Widefield microscopy | TIRF | Live cell imaging | Multi-photon microscopy | Gated-STED | TCSPC-FLIM | FCS/FCCS | Spinning disk confocal
Keywords – Electron Microscopy: Transmission EM | Scanning Transmission EM | Electron tomography | Scanning EM (Tungsten) | Cryo-TEM | Cryo-ET | Correlative Light Electron Microscopy (CLEM)


Keywords – Biological: Cell Biology | Neurobiology | Developmental Biology | Immunobiology | Plant Biology | Zebrafish | Drosophila | Bio-materials | Microbiology
Keywords – Physical Sciences: Bioengineering and biomaterials | Nanomaterials (nanoparticles, 2D nanomaterials, nanowires and nanotubes)

Sample Preparation

Keywords – Biological: Resin embedding | Ultrathin sectioning | Serial sectioning | Tokuyasu embedding | Cryosectioning | Immunolabelling | Plunge Freezing | High Pressure Freezing | Freeze substitution | CEMOVIS | Critical Point Drying | Negative stain | Photoconversion | Correlative Light and EM | PLT | Immunofluorescence | Live Cell

Data Analysis

Keywords - Software: ImageJ | FIJI | Amira | IMOD | Matlab | Volocity | Imaris | Huygens | Picoquant SymPhoTime

Our dedicated and highly experienced support teams can provide advice on all stages of microscopy projects from sample preparation through image acquisition to analysis.

Shared Acces

The Facility is open for outside business based on capacity. We operate on a Full Economic Costing recovery basis.


The Facility was formed in 2008 by the merger of the MRC Cell Imaging Facility (established 1996) with EM facilities in the Department of Physiology and the acquisition of new laboratory space and equipment (LM and EM systems) funded by the Wolfson Foundation and University of Bristol. More recently the Facility has grown substantially with several light microscope systems funded by MRC, BBSRC and University sources, and in 2015 will expand into a newly refurbished microscopy suite funded by the Wolfson Foundation.

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