Centre for Immunology and Vaccinology (CIV) CL3 Cell Sorting Facility

The CIV CL3 Cell Sorting Facility is located at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Campus of Imperial College London. The setup of the CIV cell sorting facility provides a great opportunity for researchers to sort live cells infected with Hazard Group 3 pathogens with high purity for further study, including genetic/genomic analysis, proteomics or subsequent in vitro cell culture and cell function analysis. We are currently approved for conducting research on HIV,HTLV,HBV and HCV.



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The facility holds a state-of-the-art FACS Aria-III cell sorter that is located within a purpose-built robotic class II recirculating microbiological safety cabinet (MSC). 

Researchers from Imperial College or other institutions who wish to have their samples sorted in the CIV CL3 facility must provide a formal risk assessment for the experimental protocol, including transport to and from the CL3 CIV facility. This risk assessment must be approved by the Imperial College H&S Department before commencing work. They should organize the transport of the sample to and from the CIV and have personnel present on site prior to arrival of the sample.

Shared Access

We are the only Imperial facility providing containment level 3 live cell sorting services to researchers from the College and other institutions. Booking can be arranged through the Facility Manager, Parisa Amjadi. The minimum booking time is a one-hour session. If you are interested in using our cell sorting facility, please contact Parisa Amjadi to discuss the safety and practical aspects of your sorting experiment. 

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