Dundee Imaging Facility

The Dundee Imaging Facility is a central resource at the University of Dundee. We are an interdisciplinary facility and our technology and expertise is available for use by external academic institutions and industry.


Imaging Platforms

Keywords - Light Microscopy: Confocal microscopy | Superresolution microscopy | Widefield microscopy | Laser microdissection | TIRF | Live cell imaging | Multi-photon microscopy | PALM | TCSPC-FLIM | FCS/FCCS |Atomic Force Microscopy | Structured Illumination Microscopy | Light-sheet microscopy (SPIM) | Frequency-domain FLIM
Keywords - Electron Microscopy: Transmission EM | Scanning Transmission EM | Scanning EM (Tungsten) | Scanning EM (FEG) | Cryo-TEM

We have a central hub in the School of Life Sciences, incorporating Advanced Light Microscopy, Super Resolution Microscopy, Tissue Imaging, the Physics and Life Science (PaLS) lab, Image Analysis and Sample Preparation. We have an additional Light Microscopy facility at the Ninewells campus (School of Medicine), and our Analytical Electron Microscopy facility is housed in the School of Science and Engineering.


Keywords - Biological: Cell Biology | Neurobiology | Developmental Biology | Immunobiology | Plant Biology | C.elegans | Drosophila | Microbiology | Histology/pathology
Keywords - Physical Sciences: Metallurgy / alloy development | Corrosion / oxidation | Semiconductors and optoelectronics | Nanomaterials (nanoparticles, 2D nanomaterials, nanowires and nanotubes) | Composites | Geology / mineralogy | Optical and photonic materials and devices | Magnetics, magnetic materials and spintronics | Polymers and organic electronics

We support all aspects of quantitative and qualitative imaging, from sample preparation through acquisition to image analysis and custom software development.

Sample Preparation

Keywords - Biological: Resin embedding | Ultrathin sectioning | Serial sectioning | Tokuyasu embedding | Cryosectioning | Immunolabelling | Plunge Freezing | High Pressure Freezing | Freeze substitution | Critical Point Drying | Freeze fracture | Metal coating | Negative stain | Photoconversion | Immunofluorescence | Cryostat sectioning | Vibrating microtome | H&E staining | Enzyme histochemistry | Live Cell

Sufficient care in sample preparation is often key to the success or failure of an imaging experiment. We offer advice in experiment design and appropriate labelling for fluorescence microscopy. We also have a dedicated histology service and sample preparation service for scanning and transmission electron microscopy.

Data Analysis

Keywords - Software: ImageJ | FIJI | Imaris | IMOD | Matlab | Volocity | AutoQuant | Metamorph | FLIMfit | AxioVision

Imaging experiments are quantitative assays, so expertise in computational data analysis is a critical component of the Dundee Imaging Facility's capabilities. Our dedicated image analyst provides expertise in many different analysis frameworks and software platforms. Scientists who use imaging can access world-class expertise to identify existing analytic tools available in either the open source or commercial domains, or if necessary develop custom tools for analysis using the latest platforms and technology.

Dundee's Life Sciences computing resource provides all aspects of data storage, archive, back-up and processing. We also run an OMERO server that is used to store, manage and analyse large imaging datasets, guaranteeing data provenance.

Shared Access

We have a proven track record working with with academic and industrial partners. This includes consultancy, short term imaging experiments and long term projects. The imaging team have backgrounds in the life and physical sciences, bringing experience in all aspects of materials, biophotonics, biological imaging and data analysis. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


We gratefully acknowledge support from the following sources of funding: the Wellcome Trust, CRUK, BBSRC, MRC, Wolfson Foundation, SULSA, European Commission, Dundee Cancer Campaign, European Regional Development Fund and the University of Dundee.

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